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World’s First 8K OLED TV Sold By LG


World’s First 8K OLED TV Sold By LG

Are you a gadget freak or…?

LG’ has officially started selling its 8K OLED TV since June 1. This new and first 8K OLED TV has an 88-inch OLED Panel with Ultra HD resolution (7680×4320), which is four times more pixels than 4K.  Taking orders currently in South Korea, the OLED panel is the largest LG has ever placed in a TV.

With no other existing 8K Tv at the moment, LG is also planning to stage its second generation Alpha 9 8K processor that uses deep learning algorithms to upscale images to a higher resolution. 

While this milestone is not likely to be change by rivalry anytime soon, LG claims the TV will equally be using deep learning to generate virtual 5.1 surround sound with support for Dolby Atmos.


Reportedly, the TV’s retail price cost $50 million, but with pre-orders since the beginning of June, the TV has been reduced to a price of $40 million. It also comes with a free air purifier – very much like a bargain.  These sets will however go on sale in  Europe and in North America by the third quarter of 2019.

Are you a gadget freak or……….? We’ll just have to see how well these technologies justify their sophisticated features.

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