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19 Hilarious Kids Who Were Born To Beat The System


19 Hilarious Kids Who Were Born To Beat The System

These kids are real geniuses.

Ah, kids, the apples of a mother’s eye, the gems of a man’s pride, the weirdest human stage ever in life. Because kids are not exactly born with common sense and with the freedom they are given, these kids can certainly do whatever they have in mind. As weird as they can be, they are still our lovely boys and girls, simply growing up and curious about their surroundings.

Cute, but, parents could definitely do away without their shenanigans and weirdness. Still cute, at least for people who don’t have kids, they can just laugh at them.

1. Kid is getting some exercise without sweating.

© nonethenone / reddit

2. The weather was too nice to game inside… So, he went outside.

© reviewstl / imgur

3. The creative things people do in a long flight.

© unknown / reddit

4. We know this kid is into business and sales.

© Dr_Risbo / reddit

5. When kid is subtly signing how much he hates shopping.

© JasonShoes / reddit

6. This kid using chopsticks on a whole other level.

© justintcrow / reddit

7. An apology letter she knew OP did not deserve.

© poster47 / reddit

8. This picture requires a lot of explanations.

© haidernawaz99 / Reddit

9. That is one obedient kid.

© snowbird311 / reddit

10. To eat half of a hot dog could not have gotten so complicated.

© anotherkeebler / reddit

11. And to eat half of the nuggets suddenly became a challenge for the kid.

© SeniorHedgehog / imgur

12. Son was tired of people using his poof.

© SFW_accounts / reddit

13. “Guess what I asked my 8yo to do.”

© VCrejoicing / Twitter

14. “I asked the kids not to eat all of the strawberries…”

© Kelly Croasmum / Twitter

15. A genius was born among us.

© etmua / reddit

16. They got to toast on New Year, so toast they did away with.

© littlasskicker / reddit

17. That’s 100 for you.

© zharishpatel78 / reddit

18. Son obediently put these in the bathroom.

© arbucklefatty / reddit

19. Oh, girl, whatever you will become in the future.

© glitterbricks / reddit

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