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19 Kids Whose Parents Laugh And Cry And At The Same Time


19 Kids Whose Parents Laugh And Cry And At The Same Time

So hilarious, yet, so overwhelming.

Being a parent is a lot of work, but among trying to stay awake throughout the night, choosing the right clothes to wear and trying to get some sleep, these kids just can’t stop making their parents shake their head. From inflated ego kids to plain, ridiculous things they do, these are pictures that will make parents facepalm and those who don’t have yet, laugh.

1. This is funny if this is not yours.

© kovikovi144 / reddit

2. Adorable daughter thought that’s her. Plus that’s her brother kissing himself behind.

© Trampolice / reddit

3. Kid feeds toy dog instead of a real dog, sitting outside, pissed off.

© forester1983 / reddit

4. I need to finish this glass in 3 seconds, or so we thought she’s thinking.

© IAmCanadian / reddit

5. He’s not entirely wrong, but…

© Why1sGam0Ra / reddit

6. iPod is disabled for 45 years. Try again when you have grandkids.

© CFearon615 / reddit

7. Son caught Netflix and chill with cartoons at 3 am in the morning.

© picc / imgur

8. Immortal son sleeping on stacks of lego.

© dreadpirateciv / imgur

9. “Let me explain.”

© mjonesbulldog / imgur

10. 6-year-old daughter showing multitasking skill as a mother early on.

© KentuckyforKentucky / reddit .

11. Brought daughter to a nice dinner -> ??? -> this.

© thegreatbarcia / reddit

12. Son is stuck after washing the dishes. We can’t-

© fiteMILK / reddit

13. Daughter probably misunderstood how hide-and-seek works.

© 11BINF / reddit

14. Sleepy 2-year-old draws a pillow on the floor and sleeps on it.

© mpbishop / reddit

15. Technologically-fluence daughter did this in a Van Gogh exhibit.

© Ka_paw / reddit

16. She adapts, overcomes and improvises. This is her sleeping in a Costco tote/container.

© Sketchy_Uncle / reddit

17. Her in her own clothing of her choice, seeing her brother off to school.

© MatthewSmith58 / reddit

18. Feeling cute might kill some warriors later.

© Fruitlessbox / reddit

19. The teacher told them to dress as elves. He dressed up as Elvis.

© ChickenFilletRoll / reddit

Ridiculous, funny, and sad because we can’t laugh to that in front of these innocent kids, can we? Meanwhile, this dad here experiences firsthand how difficult it is to become a teacher on a field trip with 60 kids. And these kids are so clever that we wonder what 12 years of school have taught us.

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