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23 Amazing Things Humans Should Have Invented Way Sooner


23 Amazing Things Humans Should Have Invented Way Sooner

New inventions are no more surprising in this world where everyone is racing to patent everything they discovered. But before the 21st century, innovations were so rare everyone would race to become the first to own and use them.

The things that make it to headlines are usually things that come with fancy technology that are too complicated for us to recreate and expensive to purchase. But it turns out that there 20+ inventions that have been around for a while that cost little, but provide us with exactly what we need! And not to mention some of them will blow your mind away.

We really wished they had been here way sooner.

1. Inflatable garage that protects cars from hail.

© tinkrman / reddit 

2. Microwave and toaster in one.

© PaperRibbons / reddit

3. Showerhead with a Bluetooth speaker powered by a micro-hydroelectric generator.

© The_Almighty_Ian / reddit

4. A keypad that randomizes button positions, so nobody can ever guess what you were entering for the password.

© celebi1023 / reddit 

5. This wedding dress comes with POCKETS.

© KirenMoore / reddit

6. A bathroom in Taipei with a real-time display of stalls’ status.

© Hadouken617 / reddit

7. The mirror in this hotel’s hallway tells you the weather.

© mynamesafad / reddit

8. Pen comes with how many pages you can writer the ink left.

© dovahkitch / reddit

9. The closets separate coats between smokers and non-smokers.

© snarkyfark / reddit

10. Chocolate bar with specific ratios of how they are divided.

© pm_me_ur_robot_pics / reddit

11. Hilton has white noise technology for customers to sleep more comfortably.

© sublimeman40 / reddit

12. A mouse with a calculator on it.

© Mtndewed6814 / reddit 

13. A pair of lightsaber-chopsticks.

© AmITheChad / reddit 

14. “What’s in this one? Oh.”

© Castle0nACloud / reddit

15. Backpack’s chest strap also acts as a whistle in emergencies.

© xMudxCrabx / reddit 

16. Backpack for cats while traveling.

© crestonebeard / reddit

17. Air-filled packaging to protect the item inside.

© MinnesotaBoy25 / reddit 

18. Airport in Portland has chilled tabletops to keep drinks cold.

© thewangatang / reddit

19. This is a hair clip, a ruler and a small wrench.

© MyUglyKitty / reddit 

20. Eco-friendly cans that are reusable and resealable in the UK.

© mchickenl / reddit

21. Different light settings in a changing room in a shop.

© theujwalsuspects / reddit

22. For kids (or people with smaller butts)!

© im-Scary-Terry/ reddit

23. This fan on this cap is solar-powered.

© TahsinTariq / reddit

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