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Amazon Is Selling A Bracelet That Will Shock You If You Eat Too Much Fast Food Or Spend Too Much Money


Amazon Is Selling A Bracelet That Will Shock You If You Eat Too Much Fast Food Or Spend Too Much Money

Stop your bad habit with a little pain on your wrist.

Your mom used to tell you not to have too many candies or chips. Your mom also says no to all those toys you want so bad but will immediately forget after having too much fun with them the next week. Now that you’re a healthy, working adult, your mom doesn’t tell you not to buy too many clothes anymore. At least, not as much.

The bad habits people have today are either spending or eating too much. Some people do both, which means you will need a new ‘shocker’ to keep you away from your bad habits.

Introducing Pavlok 2 that basically shocks your wrist when you eat or spend too much.


But that’s not the only thing Pavlok does. It can detect your emotions, for example, if you lift your hand to smoke or bite your nails, it will remind you with a zap, vibration or beep. Let’s be honest, a zap is the best way there is to remind your brain and body to ‘no, don’t smoke if you don’t wanna get zapped’.

Packaging of Pavlok 2

The manufacturer puts a description of the product:

“Pavlok allows you to speak your reptile brain’s language by adding an unpleasant element (a safe and harmless ‘zap’ of electricity on your wrist) to what you have been taught to love (your nasty lingering habit), quickly conditioning your mind to associate an ‘unpleasant’ feeling with your bad habit… and stopping it all together.”

Unboxing Pavlok 2

Pavlok lasts about 150 zaps at 100% battery life, so that’s about 150 promise-breaks before you need to charge again. The price is listed at $199 which comes with Shock Clock 2 that begins your new day with a zap if you are snoozers.

What kind of zap does the wearable device give? The inventor spoke to ABC and said, “It feels like if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing your socks on the carpet.” Slightly painful and unpleasant, but nothing harmful!

Pavlok 2 has mixed reviews on Amazon, several claiming that it’d work incredibly while others think the hardware needs some upgrading. As a one-of-kind product, Pavlok definitely could be better, but hey, it’s not bad if you want to stay on the tip-top shape and stop consuming junk food or smoking!

Watch the video here to learn more about the product:

The product does have mixed reviews online, while some absolutely loved it

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