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Best Vitamins for Liver Function


Best Vitamins for Liver Function

Painkiller damages the liver.

One important organ humans naturally don’t think of is the Liver (Ya, we all are guilty). The Liver is known to be largest internal body organ and best for detoxifying wastes filled with toxins. It is responsible for breaking down any contaminant that might come into your body system and most importantly assist in flushing it out.

Particularly, your liver stores vitamins that majorly work throughout detoxifying industrial chemicals and a major culprit that can however destroy it, is the consumption of excessive alcohol and sugar to including sweets and soft drinks (Be Warned).

Being overweight and diagnosed with hepatitis as well as the intake of painkiller can damage your liver too. Additionally, your liver assists in regulating the flow of blood and aids blood clothing.  Furthermore, the liver helps in cleaning and smoothing the supply of blood within and outside the human circulatory system.

Just as the human stomach needs food every day, same is keeping the liver healthy with vitamins and proper nutrition. Top list of foods to purchase for a healthy liver include fruits, coconut oil, melons, berries and leafy greens that are rich in antioxidants. These top choices of foods help reduce the effect of free radicals in the body. However, here are the Vitamins best for an effective liver function.

Vitamin C

Yes, we all are familiar with Vitamin C. It is a very good vitamin for an effective liver function. Regarded as powerful antioxidants, it is very vital for your cells and also protects you from oxidative stress. While it also ensures proper immune function, it helps in preventing liver triglycerides. Adequate Vitamin C can however be gotten from strawberries, oranges, bell peppers, and tomatoes among others.

Vitamin B-12

Being the only B-complex and water soluble vitamin that can digest in your liver, Vitamin B-12 is another essential nutrient to be consumed every day. The intake of Vitamin B-12 daily can equally help you maintain an optimal well being.

Vitamin E

Almonds, peanut butter, fortified foods, sunflower seeds and spinach are Vitamin E inclined. Being another powerful antioxidant that has globally been recognized effective for preventing  liver damage as well as diseases, it has been used and studied for its therapeutic impacts of chronic and alcoholic hepatitis C. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has the ability to reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases and inflammation. While it aids effective immune function, the vitamin is also associated with the liver. A recent study had revealed that Vitamin D can enhance the health of your liver. Known as Sunshine Vitamins, it can be found in foods like fish, eggs mushrooms and fortified foods.

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