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Grow The Blue Java Bananas That Tastes Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream


Grow The Blue Java Bananas That Tastes Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream

“Welcome the vanilla banana to your garden”

The Blue Java bananas are now widely accepted as Ice Cream Banana for quite obvious reasons. One of which includes the unique greenish silver-blue hue it has when it’s still very much unripe.


But once peeled, banana lovers will enjoy the extreme tastes of its sweet and tender skin. Many eaters of the Blue Java Bananas say it tastes like Vanilla ice-cream while some say it’s more like a Vanilla Custard.

But either way, the banana doesn’t have the normal banana taste or flavor. Commonly seen in Asia, Australia and Hawaii, the banana is not easily seen elsewhere.

And to this effect, a Florida based company is currently offering customers the chances to purchase the banana in bulk and a fraction of growers in Hawaii is equally offering the banana for farmers to sell.

Quite unlucky for the individual outside the blue java bananas zone, the desire to have a taste of the ice cream banana has always been a dream, but not until now, it’s a reality.

Accordingly, a tropical plant, retailer- wellspring garden is also offering potential buyers to buy and grow their own blue java bananas through Amazon.  Yes! Welcome to your garden!


The description on Amazon, however, reads: “Growing your own fruit results in better tasting and better for you delights!” So it sounds like you’ll be doing yourself a pretty big favor if you splurge a little and drop about $30 on these plants.

Presently, the blue java bananas have about 4.3 remarks and it appears customers are tremendously happy with the product.

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