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Marvel First Asian Hero, Shang-Chi Actors Possible Lineup Is Here


Marvel First Asian Hero, Shang-Chi Actors Possible Lineup Is Here

We have several names reported to have discussions with Marvel regarding roles in Shang-chi.

The first lineup of possible actors who’ll play the titular hero, Shang-Chi and the villain is revealed. Marvel is targeting Donnie Yen and Ludi Lin from ‘Power Rangers’. The names of the two actors are probably familiar to different groups of fans and demographics.

A new report tells of Shang-Chi’s meeting with Marvel regarding the lead role in ‘Shang-Chi’. Various martial arts icons are popping up, but no other possible names have popped. It won’t be long till more appears in the following week as Shang-chi has only entered the beginning of the discussion.

Another name that has been mentioned is Donnie Yen, but the report has not included a specific role the lead from ‘Ip Man’ will work on. Fans have also been mentioning several people who will do great on the role, such as Mike Moh. Moh portrayed Bruce Lee in the movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’.

Shang-chi is the first franchise movie that features a martial artist expert hero from Asia. Shang-chi was first featured in Special Marvel Edition #15 from 1973. The Steven Englehart-created character soon got his own series called “Master of Kung Fu”.

Shang-chi was trained by his father, Fu Manchu who also became his own villain. It’s a story of family conflict and casting Donnie Yen, a professional martial artist actor, as the father with Ludi Lin as the son would be perfect.

The movie will be directed by Destin Daniel Cretton and Dave Callaham writes the script. Callaham is also responsible for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. Shang-chi is among several movies that are set to be released for Phase 4 for the next three years. ‘Black Widow’ standalone movie is currently undergoing filming process and several movies are being actively discussed. A Marvel insider has also leaked scripts of the movies.

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