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Marvel Insider Has Possibly Leaked Every Movie of MCU’s Phase 4


Marvel Insider Has Possibly Leaked Every Movie of MCU’s Phase 4

Could this be everything about Phase 4?

Phase 3 of Marvel Universe is coming to an end with Spider-man: Homecoming movie out this July. Everyone is wondering what Phase 4 is going to be about with only rumors and leaked pictures of Black Widow on set to give us clues.

The leaks that were allegedly from an insider.

Recently, an allegedly Marvel insider has also leaked Marvel stories that are possibly on development. Meanwhile, Guardians of Galaxy’s original director and screenwriter, James Gunn, was fired and rehired, so the leak about that should remain consistent so far.

A post on 4chan recently shows a roundup of everything we know about Phase 4, which could be everything there is about Phase 4. But we couldn’t trace back to the post as it was removed before we could. Fortunately, a redittor recapped the story an uploaded the post. Here’s the screenshot:

Source: u/EddyTheMartian / Reddit

The post claims that seven Marvel movies are currently in development, whether story-wise or filming progress. Black Widow has reported that they’ve officially begun filming and rumors have been going strong for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. There are also six more movies being planned, including Young Avengers, Shang-Chi and Thor 4.

There have been rumors of Keanu Reeves joining the Universe as well as Zac Efron as Adam Warlock. Overall, it’s going to be interesting to see Marvel going even wider in adapting these new characters into movies.

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