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Netflix Bring To Fans The Chef Show, Come June 7

If you were then a lover of the 2014 film chef, then its about time you get another taste and cooking lessons from the team of Roy Choi and Jon Favreau. A big thanks to Netflix, the Chef Show will be reuniting the team in order to explore more cooking delights.  In a posted clip on Twitter, the two friends experiment with their favorite recipes and techniques, baking, cooking, exploring and collaborating with some popularly known characters in the entertainment industry.

Launching June 7, the two teams are expected to go from sharing a meal with the Avengers cast in Atlanta to smoking brisket in Texas with Aaron Franklin, and to appreciating the renowned food critic Jonathan Gold in Los Angeles.

While the drama-comedy that brought the show idea was 2014’s Chef, directed and starring Favreau. Guests on The Chef Show, according to the posted clip include Gwyneth Paltrow, Bill Burr, Andrew Rea, Evan Kleiman, Jazz Singsanong, Robert Rodriguez, David Chang, Aaron Franklin, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland, Kevin Feige, and the Russo brothers, and many more.

Presently, Choi and Anne Johnson are the executive producers while the Chef Show is directed and produced by Favreau.  Just stay tuned on for more details on The Chef Show as they become available overtime


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