Netherlands Transforms 316 Bus Stops Into Bee Stops

Going by records, about 358 bee species presently live in the Netherlands, but unfortunately, almost half of the bees are endangered and placed on the Dutch Red List (RL).

The officials in Netherland have, however, observed the increasing problem and got an ingenious solution. They plan to transform the city of Utrecht’s bus stops into a bee-friendly shelter in a bid to support the pollinating populace.

The City of Utrecht now has 316 bus stops with greenery rooftops cover


Lately, the Council of Utrecht had seen an avenue to expand the functions of a regular bus stop by giving it a new purpose. One of which includes tackling the rising endangerment of bees. Being the fourth-largest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht is located in the Central part.

The New rooftops will motivate pollination by bumblebees and honeybees.


While the revamped bus stops look warmer, the council equally planted succulent to support the city deteriorating biodiversity. Accordingly, the greenery rooftops also assist in capturing dust and in storing rainwater.

“A green roof is very essential for a healthy and livable city”

Jolanda van Ginkel

“A green roof is good for a healthy and livable city … that can, therefore, cope better with climate problems. It helps to prevent flooding and ensures that we suffer less from heat,” a write up on the official website of the city of Utrecht reads.

Planning to install solar panels in the next few years,  the new development is not the only environment-conscious initiative done by the City of Utrecht.

Early 2019, the city had announced they will be replacing their buses with electronic ones.


In February, the city had announced they will be replacing their buses with electronic ones and were equally hoping to employ a carbon-neutral transit fleet before the year 2028.

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