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People Laugh At Special Needs Workers At Pizzability, Despaired Woman Ask People For Help

Founded by Tiffany Fixter, Pizzability situated in Denver is recognized as a Pizza Joint with a much different. Staffed with people with disabilities, the former Special Education Teacher, Tiffany saw the need in the community for jobs and took the opportunity to train adults with disabilities.

Tori Mason

Pizzability, which is located in the Cherry Creek Area – a small business has a unique concept and location but currently struggling to adapt in a world of the massive restaurant universe who have speedy and convenient delivery service.

While the Pizza restaurant has had an impact on the local community at large, Pizzability will need to fight in order to make ends meet, besides business is business and not a child’s play.

“Customers think we’re successful already and that’s awesome. But I don’t know if we are going to make it.” Tiffany said. To Tiffany, the behavior of some customers doesn’t help matters.  Highlighted by a local Journalist named, Tori Mason, she was disgusted to find some individuals are saying “That’s where the retards work,” and we are hanging around outside, scared to step in.”

Tori Mason

As it appears, it’s been tagged a ‘Crappy Attitude’ towards a place that extensively welcomes everyone. The restaurant has indeed given the disadvantaged individual an opportunity to earn honorably, even while living in a competitive world.


The Pizza Restaurant, however, come after Brewability – it’s another of Tiffany’s business. The Brewability employs six bartenders, and since a large fraction of the employees can’t read, the day’s choices are nominated with color, both the menu and on the taps.


The Beer Brewery opened in October 2016 and some of its beers also are tasted at Pizzability. Beer and Pizza? What a combination!!  

Tori Mason

Here’s However What People Had To Say About The Restaurant

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