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Recap: Netflix Has Lost Its Two Most Popular Shows


Recap: Netflix Has Lost Its Two Most Popular Shows

What is happening to the old contenders finally making their moves?

What is the place to go if you want to stream a TV show or movie that you didn’t get to watch last year? Most people will point to Netflix first, then maybe Amazon Prime or Hulu. Giant TV companies are seeing the lucrative business that Netflix built hard with pain and tears and are beginning to tear the shows apart.

As of now, we keep seeing shows leaving the platform one by one, pulled out by their respective company. Two of the most popular shows on Netflix, ‘Friends’ and ‘The Office’, are leaving the platform. Hold your fingers, you might not have too many reasons to unsubscribe just yet – ‘The Office’, for example, are staying until the end of 2020 as WarnerMedia launches HBO Max, their streaming service platform.

Netflix didn’t get the chance to re-bid for the shows as they were going to become exclusive to HBO Max. More urgent and devastating news would be the departure of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ this month.

Even so, Netflix is spending more time and money into investing in more Netflix-exclusive shows. They have also been flexing their achievements in view counts, such as in ‘Stranger Things 3’ and ‘Murder Mystery’.

WarnerMedia CEO John Stanley aims to gain 70 million subscribers to sign up for their services. The goal is twice the number of current HBO subscribers and this is fueled with the fact that Netflix has always been valued based on their growth of subscribers.

Winning in pricing

Netflix has always been popular due to the cheap monthly price of $13 (for 4 screens). TV cables that cost $100 per month cannot compete, but their new streaming platforms are priced and just the right range for consumers. Disney+ is $6.99 a month and is launching this November and along with that, will categorize movies based on popular ‘names’ – Marvel, Pixar, Disney, Star Wars and National Geographic.

Disney+ is launching this November

NBCUniversal will be free for subscribers of the TV cable and $10 for cord-cutters + ads. HBO Max will be around $17.

Admittedly, Netflix has not been doing well with the navigation of movies in its application. Unless you know what you want to watch, you won’t be able to smoothly navigate through shows based on their genres, such as anime.

However, it’s also interesting to see that instead of $13 a month for all the shows, subscribers are now offered with so many choices of platforms to stream on.

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