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Samuel L. Jackson Predicts There Is Going To Be A New Avengers Team… ‘Of Sorts’

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Samuel L. Jackson Predicts There Is Going To Be A New Avengers Team… ‘Of Sorts’

His Nick Fury senses tingling much like when Captain Marvel first showed up.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ marked the end of the Infinity Stones saga and the upcoming Spider-Man direct sequel from Endgame is the end of Phase 3. The road to Phase 4 and beyond has not been clear, although several movies have been confirmed filming and in talks, such as ‘Shang Chi’ and ‘Black Widow’ prequel.

One thing for sure: the Avengers team is never the same anymore. Tony Stark died to save the world, Natasha traded herself for the Soul Stone and Steve Rogers decided to grow old after returning the stones. Vision is no more and Gamora gets reset to 2014’s version.

Four heroes are permanently gone from the series. They might make cameo appearances, tho.

Unfortunately, this means the earth is vulnerable to invasions again and Nick Fury would be scraping for ways to create a defense team that can rival that of the Avengers. Samuel talks about the potential of a new team, “I always think that there’s room for every kind of story to be told. And, at some point, they’re going to have to put together another Avengers group of some sorts to deal with whatever’s coming next.”

“Nick knows something is coming, the same way he found out in Captain Marvel that there are other things out there that need to be dealt with that I didn’t know about.”

Interestingly, Samuel teased fans that the direct sequel that is ‘Spider-man: Far From Home’ will have a big role in setting up future plots for MCU.

“[The movie] is moving us to another place. We really don’t know what time or space we’re in. I don’t. We do know that there is going to be something else.”

Kevin Feige also spoke for this, “‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ is the conclusion to the Infinity Saga. And what started with ‘Iron Man’ finally comes to fruition in ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’.”

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ trailer is out and is set to hit the theater on July 2, just three days away! Meanwhile, we’ve also compiled a list of confirmed and rumored Marvel movies set for Phase 4, so go check it out if you haven’t.

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