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Single Man Becomes A Cat Dad Overnight After Finding 5 Kittens Under His Bed


Single Man Becomes A Cat Dad Overnight After Finding 5 Kittens Under His Bed

His live changed one year ago.

Does anyone remember that guy who was just dropping by his house to grab his jumper when he found a mother cat with 4 kittens under his bed?

No? Okay, just for those of you who haven’t heard of this (or forgotten, I’m not sure how you can forget these adorable furballs and responsible cat dad), we’ll rehearse the amazing journey that Paris Zarcilla was suddenly whisked away to. So much so, he probably can’t imagine the days when there was not a Queen with her four felines that keep his days so fulfilling.

He has been updating on the mother and kittens who now officially owns Paris ever since. Up to this very day, you will be able to see how gorgeous the kitties have grown up to be.

Paris couldn’t get the mother scanned to see if she’s chipped because she probably slipped in from the back door that is often open. The cats cannot be neutered until 4 months later. She could be a neighbor’s. And after the dreaded 4 months, Paris got her checked to find that she is not chipped and can officially claim her (or maybe it’s the other way around?).

A few months after that, Paris started a GoFundMe page to help him with covering the cost of 5 majestic, beautiful cats. He begins with lego blocks. People donated money and helped to fulfill his Amazon wishlist including litter boxes and cat food.


Meet the curtains destroyers and food stealers Machiavelli aka Mac, Pancake aka Bijou, Ronin, Tomorrow aka Dobby. Tomorrow is the only female of the siblings, so she’s obviously the future queen.

And below is them for Christmas last year (which obviously lacks a Christmas tree). But it did not lack the merry feeling and Paris simply learned to adapt with his new life and greeted the holy night as a cat dad.

Today, the kittens have grown into neutered and spayed full adults who are happy. May the bed throne remains theirs (because who needs a bed when you have cats) and long live Queen Forever!

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