Teacher Asked Toddlers To Generate Recipes For Cookbook, And The Outcome Was Hilarious

Education is the key to better living in our modern world. Young Teens and adolescents are now learning quite fast, with perfect teaching experience.

Educators are using creativity and practice to develop their minds and knowledge. And such practice has certainly been helpful, more especially inspiring for mothers and guardians of these children.

However, Ethan has proven to be a fast learner. His uncle who is a Texan “Pizza lover and joke writer” Jordan Adams recently loved Ethan Cookbook Pictures so much that he chose to share it to the world.


While many people agreed on his nephew’s creativity, his tweet went viral with 178k likes and 72 shares. 

Here’s what fans are saying:


Ranging from tacos, spaghetti, to pancakes and macaroni, the generated recipes by Ethan and his classmates depicted the unique channel children have towards food types as it runs through to their tummy. Oops, the results of the photos generated by Ethan and his friends were hilarious at glance.

Specifically, Ethan came up with a classic egg recipe that took about an hour to prepare, but second to cook.

However, everyone involved was so amazed and inspired by the children’s creativity.

Scroll down to see more for yourself, and you wouldn’t have to think further about what to have for breakfast or dinner.

The teacher shared the entire cookbook as gifts for parents.

Easton Hughes

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