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The ‘Most Stuf Oreos’ Are Here And They Are Insanely Massive

There are two types of Oreo fans out there; people who tear the cookie in half and eat the crème first and those who bite into the cookie piece by piece with both the wafer crème and wafer intact.

those who enjoy downing the crème first will probably be excited by Nabisco’s latest release, The Most Stuf Oreos.

Oreo fans everywhere know that their beloved dunk ‘n’ dip cookie has been through their own version of an identity crisis. Gone are the days of promoting the simple cream and cookie combo to suit the palate.

They’ve experimented with various flavors over the years, from Cookie Dough to Caramel Apple.

Oreo has racked up over 50 unique tastes over time, and to be fair, they’ve always impressed us.

But they’ve also experimented with some interesting shapes, varying the size of each component of their iconic black and white trio, to create a sweet- great looking cookie.

This experience just got better with the Most Stuf Oreo. This limited edition cookie is extra-stuffed, a  massive move from the cookie brand that loves to mix things up.

Instagram is living for this thick and sick remix of the classic cookie.

Insta user @munchiebunchie said, ” I honestly almost fainted to the floor when I opened the package! These are so fat!!

“This is beyond incredible… like beyond. No one is ever complaining about too much oreo stuf! LOVE LOVE LOVE!” they continued.

However, you got to be that one person that tears into the cookie to eat the cream first to enjoy these new editions.

People are definitely shaken by the colossal revolution.

“First there was double stuff, then mega stuf, and now there’s this that’s as close as it’ll get to the ‘idgaf I’m eating all stuf'” said Insta fan @junkfoodmom.

Whatever your take is on this fat cookie, one thing is for sure.

There is absolutely NO shortage of Oreo Stuf in the world — for a limited time anyway.

Fingers crossed we all get to try Most Stuf Oreos ASAP. Until then, you can always make a DIY Most Stuf Oreo: just take three or so regular Oreos and put all the “stuf” between two cookies. It’s worth a shot!

Sammy Brown

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