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The Perfection: A Twisted Netflix Nightmare That Is Making People Sick


The Perfection: A Twisted Netflix Nightmare That Is Making People Sick

“I got a migraine just by watching The Perfection on Netflix. I wanna vomit.”

It’s very obvious that we have all seen a lot of movies, the twists, and turns that take place in two hours more or less have now become fairly familiar. Your trusted friend turns out to be your greatest villain while and the one you love will eventually come around and you’ll see them for who they really are. You know the drill.

The horror movie The perfection is one such movie that will take twists and turns you’re not expecting. That is if you are able to pull get through the chilling and grotesque scenes.

There’s also been a particular emphasis on how gross it is, legitimately making people vomit. The new horror movie streaming on Netflix is sick- and not in a good way.

Viewers are reporting headaches, nausea, and even vomiting after enduring the 90-minute horror flick’s, particularly gory scenes.

In the thriller, Allison Williams plays Charlotte, an elite cellist who travels to Shanghai for a music competition, meeting her teacher and mentor Anton (Steven Webber) together with up and coming prodigy Lizzie (Logan Browning)

Charlotte and Lizzie quickly bond, heading off on a road trip to the Chinese countryside after Lizzie downs ibuprofen for a hangover.

In the back of an old-school bus, Lizzie projectile vomits, leaving puke smeared across the window. The next shot shows it crawling with maggots. After Lizzie is struck by diarrhea on board, the pair is thrown off the bus, after which Lizzie once again throws up bug-infested bile.

Freaked fans took to Twitter to announce they’re physically sickened by the recursing tableaus in the thriller.

The perfection on Netflix is SICK… in a bad way ugh my body can’t move and I feel like puking; wrote one user-TALA

I got a migraine just by watching The Perfection on Netflix. I wanna vomit. wrote — Nur Farieshah  (@pichahuhuhu)

The disgusting scenes are the brain-child of director Richard Shepard. Having envisioned the bus scene earlier on, he said that it was difficult to execute.

“It was tough to edit because Logan was yelling and freaking out so much, Just looking at takes was exhausting. We’d have to work for a few hours and take a big break,” he said in an interview.

“Having great reaction shots of the passengers helped.”

Williams in a recent interview with The Post acknowledged that her parents NBC legend Brian Williams and TV producer Jane Gillan Stoddard are having a problem stomaching their daughter’s latest roles.

“My parents have been saying, “when are we just going to be able to relax for one of your movies?” she says. “I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.”

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