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These Ice Cream Stuffed Doughnut Cones Are Everything You’d Ever Want In Life


These Ice Cream Stuffed Doughnut Cones Are Everything You’d Ever Want In Life

Interestingly, there’s even a pistachio cone option.

The world is increasingly booming in the food universe.

Cheese and Macaroni, Icing on the cake, Chocolate and Peanut Butter and Boom, these Ice Cream Stuffed Doughnut Cones.

Get yourself prepared for a yummy combination that definitely has all it takes to blow your mind out of the water. If not even out of the world itself.

The Ice-Cream Stuffed Doughnut Cones.

Sure, a look at the above picture is making you salivate now.

These sumptuous looking tasty treats are created from the Prague Café Good Food Coffee and Bakery. And judging from the quantity of Instagram pictures, many individuals have taken there as a hot spot for tourism. I obviously see why.

At the café, you can have your ice-cream stuffed doughnuts anyhow you love it.

The base is recognized as a Cinnamon sugar-coated doughnut cone and is regarded as Chimney cakes. It has a hollow Czech pastry, creating a tunnel for mouth-watering fillings.

When you decide on the base you want, you also get to decide what goes inside the cone.

People can decide to have it filled to the very top with either soft ice cream or with whipped cream and strawberries. Oh! The inside of the cone is equally lined with Nutella of Berry Compote.

It’s literally up to you, on how your cone should get topped.

Some people, however, like it simple.

This individual went for a single teddy bear cookie in their ice cream. While we appreciate such restrictions, I’d have mine covered in every topping.

Interestingly there’s even a pistachio cone option. So if you are a lover of Pistachio, it readily available.

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