When is Big Brother Season 21 Premiere?

The show filled with showmances, powerful players, choosing sides, backstabbing – Big Brother is on its way back to the screen. Almost the time of year, Big Brother is set to air on June 25th at 8/7c, thus if you’re checking your calendar you will realize it a Tuesday.


Specifically, the show will be out of its schedule for a week, but right after the first Sunday airing, June 30, the reality program will head back to its normal schedule on Wednesday. This implies that the weekday episodes will move to 9/8c while the Sunday night episodes remain 8/7c.

Reportedly, the shift in schedule can be partially associated to the wrapping of The Amazing Race which airs on Wednesday. While Big Brother previous season has always been two hour premieres, this year’s episode on June 25th and 26th is slated for one hour each.

Before now, fans have been rooting for an all-start season of Big Brother Show and following the announcement for a return date, they are pondering if their desire will be met.

However, CBS hasn’t released the list of who the new cast will be, but fans are currently searching for a hint.  One latest scenario is that of Julie Chen Moonves, who recently posted a picture skateboarding in a leather jacket with patches. Fans were quick to question the jacket and its patches for any clue concerning cast members.

Julie Chen

While it is common with previous cast members to teasing audiences by pretending they are coming back to the BB house, Andy Herren – the BB Season 15 Winner tweeted:

“Friendly reminder that any Big Brother alums toying about #BB21 being All-Stars have absolutely no idea what they are talking about because if CBS ACTUALLY reached out to them, they’d be too scared to say a word!” –evident he has no idea.


That being said, until CBS officially announces the cast, there’s no other means of knowing whether the season will be All-Star regime we all have been craving for.


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