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Woman Drinking A Pink G&T Out Of A Wine Glass On The Tube Sends Twitter Into Meltdown

There’s a strict rule for eating and drinking in the tube as well as consuming alcohol. But this woman broke ’em all as she popped a tinned cocktail in the tube with style. She doesn’t forget to pour it out in a WINE GLASS before enjoying a sip every now and then.

Mark Locke, 45, a communications director of Scottish origin, took a picture of this fabulous woman sipping away from her wine glass and uploaded it to Twitter with the caption:

“To the lady drinking a pink gin and tonic *from a glass* on the Northern line, I salute you. Classy.”

Mark Locke approved.

His tweet quickly went viral with over 13,000 retweets and more than 50,000 likes before Mark decided to delete the tweet after someone approached him for it. Reasons undisclosed.

During the time it was up, people were commenting with positive vibes and hilarity ensues. Several were jealous of the fabulous vibe and look she gave, even though she was drinking a canned cocktail, her wine glass has made many approve her.

Hilarity ensues!

Despite the positive comments, this act is actually not encouraged, remembering that the tube has an alcohol ban enforced since 2008. Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott previously drank a canned Mojito just two months ago and had to apologize.

Several people were reminded of Patsy Stone, a character played by Joanna Lumley in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’. Others compared her to Lady Gaga as well as Sarah Paulson’s Cordelia Goode from “American Horror Story”.

People compared her to some of the most fabulous lady from the history of movies.

…there’s Patsy Stone.

…and Cordelia Goode.

Since then, several people have shared snaps of a similar view: a woman drinking wine/cocktail out of a wine glass during their ride in the tube.

It turns that it wasn’t the first time that happened. Many people replied with pictures of a similar view.

The pictures shared all had several things in common: the women wear all black, had (designer) sunglasses on and a wine glass in one hand. Oh, don’t forget they all look fab.

Several people were wondering if the pictures were taken in the Northern Line or Piccadilly Line due to the blue color in London. Others were sure it’s the Victoria Line because of the buttons.

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