20+ Adorable Tiny Donkeys That Will Make You Go ‘Awww’

There are a million reasons that the Internet is to stay away from, but pictures like these are what can make it all worth it. All that craps you saw this morning, wash them away with these cute small donkeys. And you might be wondering, can donkeys be better than kittens or pups?

What about both?

Scroll down and keep looking to find that one adorable moment you will not trade for anything at all!

1. Donkey in mood.

Reddit | Archie_G01

2. Donkey, where you going?

Reddit | Steelers30

3. So boopable.

Reddit | tasteofthesoil

4. Who’s a really good boy?

Reddit | V15C0ND3

5. Both got the smile right for this picture!

Reddit | -JayJay

6. So much fluff!

Reddit | CraftyExtent

7. Look, who’s got a new friend?

Reddit | jester33455

8. This is Paco and he has such beautiful ears!

Reddit | miss_neuron

9. What anyone will trade to be able to see this cutie?

Reddit | G1bs0nNZ

10. “Imma help with raking!”

Reddit | pajamasforallseasons

11. Let him sleep. Don’t move, don’t even breath.

Reddit | slllime

12. So chubby, so fluffy, so hugable!

Reddit | U_reddit_on_reddit

13. Donkeys love hammocks as well.


14. This lazy donkey deserves to be lazy.

Reddit | B1LMAN

15. Adorable cuties lining up for pictures.

Reddit | 1poundbookingfee

16. Another one swinging!


17. Look at that donkey showing its love!

Reddit | pandapie

18. They’re not fat – they are just round and fluffy.

Reddit | arouse707

19. OMG, so tiny!

Reddit | Magicman123456

20. Sleepy baby donkey!

Reddit | LuisTheDragon

21. Cats and donkeys! I’m ready to die for them.

22. Sleeping baby goat (they look like donkeys, but they’re not!), two of them!

Reddit | TomEverytime

23. A tad heavy, but we can’t spoil them, can we?

Reddit | dessertislandgetaway

24. Baby donkeys are sometimes wobbly. Which makes all the more adorable. We strive to protect.

Reddit | jebosjay30

25. We strive to give them hugs and pets.


26. Sneaky, shy donkey!


27. Tiny donkey running on the field!


28. Donkey is so photogenic, he’s showing talent this young!

Reddit | santaire

29. Meanwhile, this donkey is so excited about being able to run.


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