26 Adorable Snakes That Will Make You Love Them Instead Of Fear

People don’t like snakes because of their slithering habits and some are probably scared to death by tragic stories caused by snakes. A few had horrible encounters or experience with snakes, making them hate these reptiles who are well-known to lack limbs that help them move. Despite them being quiet animals who typically avoid contacts with humans and only eat once every few weeks, a lot of us are still terrified of them.

But we’re so surprised to see so many adorable pictures of snakes and can’t wait to share them with our readers. Especially if you find yourself disgusted with snakes, you might be able to learn to hate them less and overcome your fear. And for snake lovers, you might not even read this and just jump ahead to see all the cute pictures.


1. Unicorn snake!


2. “Hahaha! You’re scared of a snake? Hahaha!”


3. “What’cha staring at, amigo?” – Baby Asian Vine Snake


4. This snake ready for Halloween.


5. Make way for Princess Leliana!

6. Yes? :3

7. Teeny tiny young ground snake in a wedding ring.


8. Snake warming up to a computer.


9. Just right size for a live ring!


10. I’m a magician. I can curl up so cute you won’t let me go!


11. “Ahh, that’s the spot. Right. A little bit to the cente- ah, you’re such a good hooman.”


12. “The hell is wrong with this ma- I’M GONNA BITE YO- I’m joking.”


13. Just a thirsty snake drinking.

14. Adorable snake curling up.


15. Blep!


16. It’s so cold! Thanks for the hat, Mom!


17. It’s so adorable- look at that small mouth!


18. Sneky bringing home a treat.


19. What an art.

Andri Priyadi

20. Proud dad with kids.


21. *peek* Hi, Mom!


22. “In the jungle, the might jungle~”

Nikhil kanojia

23. What you doing there, lil buddy?


24. “I want my food! I want it now!”


25. Small leaf hat as a shade to keep cool (no, snakes don’t actually need them, but they look cute that way).


26. “Show some respect, son!”

Layla Collins

Smartphone and nature enthusiasts.

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