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Social Media Posts Prove That It’s Practically Halloween Already


Social Media Posts Prove That It’s Practically Halloween Already

We’re not even halfway into summer yet and Halloween is here.

It’s mid-July, ‘Spider-man: Far From Home‘ had finally settled among people and the best time of the year to enjoy watermelon juice while sunbathing on the beach. Oh, don’t forget that it’s also the best time of the year to get some Halloween decorations.

Yep, because the stores think so.

These seasonal objects that just won’t sell without a good reason, it seems they’ve all agreed mid-July is a good time to do this.

Because it’s definitely appropriate to sell the decorations even before the day arrives.

When you wake up to the fact that you’re just 3 months away from Halloween.

Reese’s can’t hold themselves back anymore.

Bath and Body Works has also joined in the bandwagon.

Target put up their Moonlight Bash Halloween Decor Collection.

Joanns as well, guys.

Are you sure you are ready, Party City?

She gon be excited for 3 months straight thanks to Cracker Barrel, I assume.

Michael’s not going to miss celebrating Halloween on July.

It’s official: you can put up a ‘Happy Halloween’ sign by your coffee table now.

Bold of you to assume you’ll wear it soon.

110 days should be enough to redecorate the whole house because we don’t sweat in summer, do we?

The stores are high, the people are high. Will it last till the real season, though?

Give that pumpkin a hug for working overtime.

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