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Why Beetroot Deserves to be Called Miracle Food


Why Beetroot Deserves to be Called Miracle Food

Who loves beetroot?

Alright, let me start with pointing out the fact that beetroot was not my favorite root/vegetable. As a Chinese, I’ve learned to enjoy Asian cuisine which often involves vegetable sautee, but honestly, drinking vegetable juice that is so close to looking like blood goes way down the list of things I love to eat.

However, it’s undeniable that beetroot serves great nutritional benefits. Ever since I was young, my mother will regularly make beetroot juice for me to drink. The taste isn’t that bad to be honest, especially when served warm (Chinese loves their food warm, don’t forget that).

Beetroot juice is very rich in antioxidant. So much so that it falls under the top 10 most antioxidant-rich vegetables in the world. What does antioxidant do? It eliminates radical substances that enter our body, it fights off oxidative stress, basically a class of warrior in our body.

It’s also believed to be anti-cancer, thanks to betacyanin contained in beetroot.

If you need a natural detoxifying remedy, bit, carrots and cucumber mixed juice will do the magic. A study involving mice that were previously exposed to gamma-ray showed the detoxifying and repairing properties of beetroot. After including beetroot into their diet, researchers saw tremendous improvement in their health.

It also prevents anemia. I still remember my mother telling me, who was a little anemic, that red colored ‘food’ (as if fruits or vegetables) are good to increase blood level. Beetroot boosts the production of hemoglobin, due to its richness in iron and vitamin C.

Beware red stool!

It’s actually a joke you can impose on anyone who just had beetroot juice. Because of its crimson color, your stool can actually turn red to the point you thought you had bloody stool. Especially if you just woke up, you might jump at the sight of it. So, we just want to remind you that it’s completely fine!

But on a more serious note, beetroot is rich in iron and oxalate. If you have a history of kidney problem, you need to consume beet moderately and make sure to drink a lot of water.

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