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People Reveal The Quirkiest Habits They’ve Ever Seen, And It Will Certainly Crawl Under Your Skin


People Reveal The Quirkiest Habits They’ve Ever Seen, And It Will Certainly Crawl Under Your Skin

Get ready to loath yourself for seeing all these combis.

The crazy things people do with their food makes you wonder if it’s the end of the world already. Why would pineapple be ever added on pizza? Or why are avocadoes so popular in food, including sushi, while it’s so rare in Japan?

These are questions that will remain unanswered. And below are some of the weirdest ever… things that this peculiar race called human has invented.

Oh, how much I miss the time when we still eat raw meat and die from cholera instead of curling from my toe to the end of my hair from having pineapples (or bananas) in my pizza.

1. Not this kind of fruit adventure I wanted.

© omnidub / reddit

2. Roe on hotdog, anyone?

© washytoshi / reddit

3. We all have that one friend who doesn’t know when to stop with their ketchup craze.

© ArabManWithBigBeardYetNotATerrorist / imgur

4. “Oh, let me just put these empty eggshells back in the container.”

© b-ogburn / reddit

5. Pizza. Fork and knife. Outer crust. Sure, why not?

© gusse5gusse / reddit

6. Thank you, Gushers, no more.

© therealgushers / Instagram

7. Ice cubes in cereal because warm milk is not a thing.

© Vidarrina / Twitter

8. Oh, lookie, fancy puzzle-themed morning bread and jam.

© adam_philip / reddit

9. Cheetos goes well with…? Milk!

© michellemirae90 / Instagram

10. Dipping those fries in Wendy’s frosty.

© NatalyaComposer / Twitter

11. So many things went wrong in this picture.

© cecilmx6 / reddit

12. Where did this picture went wrong? When they spread peanut butter jelly on top.

© michael.stamper / Instagram

13. “asked for a peanut butter and cheese sandwich for lunch. Torn between yuk, and not putting her in a box.”

14. Oh, yeah sure, everyone loves snack. Even when they’re dipped in curry.

© LargeSpiders / reddit

15. Nothing wrong with fish sticks, except that it’s dipped in custards.

© doctor_who_zoe / Instagram

16. Pineapple is old. It’s time for bananas to take over!

© gaujacharlotte / Twitter

17. “Cereals go well with oatmeals,” says no one ever.

© might_be_a_troll / reddit

18. You probably can’t see well because of color quality but this hotdog has jam spread inside.

© gottaloveme_bpo / Instagram

19. “Cereal with orange juice.”

© XiaofenWan / Twitter

20. This instagrammable mango juice will put your tongue and probably stomach on fire.

© paradisesplash / Instagram

21. “I’m a genius. Peanut butter, pickle, and Sriracha sandwich!” Yeah, nope.

© peterseibel / Twitter

22. That’s jam with lettuce.

© HMUIR1998 / reddit

23. Someone enjoys omelet with jellies.

© chuckandabbey / Instagram

Some of us are probably shaking in excitement to see our guilty meal combi featured, while others are probably writhing in pain. We’re grateful and sorry that you enjoy what we posted.

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